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In support of the progressive ideals of Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. In this first episode we get things going and state some Bernie fundamentals. Go to for much more daily information on Bernie Sanders, 2016 candidate for president.
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Feb 2, 2016

Dr. K. and Darren grab a quick interview with some women who were at the rally for Bernie Sanders at Daley Plaza in Chicago on January 23rd. Afterwards as Darren headed north on the Red Line train, he grabbed a great conversation with a few more Sanders fans. Topics included the way social media works its magic, hopes that Hillary's $2,700 per person lunches at least include some good food, and how MATH and the power of exponential growth could help the Bernie fire spread far and wide. 

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Feb 1, 2016

Darren and Dr. K. were at the Daley Center rally for Bernie Sanders and were warmed by Feeling The Bern along with a few thousand other supporters! (The brief audio clip from the rally is from the speech by Martese Chism of National Nurses United, which is the largest union & professional association of registered nurses in U.S. history.) 

This week: Obama came into office on a wave of hope and change, but that was clearly set aside, almost certainly due to the same Wall Street influence that makes Hillary Clinton a weak candidate today. Bernie Sanders is poised to fulfill Obama's promises, even if the mainstream Democratic party's message is a resounding "No We Can't!" 

The podcast ends with Darren's prediction that Iowa will be big day for Bernie. Fingers crossed and... GO BERNIE!!

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Jan 25, 2016

Warning! Darren and Dr. K. mix entirely too much singing in with their usual detailed nuts and bolts about how Bernie Sanders plans to change America for the better. The music comes out of a discussion of the wonderfully hopeful song Bernie Sanders has chosen to inspire his supporters as the campaign moves into New Hampshire and Iowa -- contrasted with Hillary Clinton's new ad, which uses fear as a tactic. Because that worked so well for her in 2008. Also: Liberty and Medicare for all, more on Bernie's plan for revamping the nation's broken healthcare system. The end of corporate welfare -- it's payback time: time for corporations to pay their fare share and pay US back for all the easy money they gained through shockingly low taxes. Get so fired up you'll FEEL THE BERN!

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann

Jan 21, 2016

Darren and Dr. K. have a conversation after the Democratic debate held on Sunday, January 18th when as few people as possible were watching, as DNC Chair and Hillary BFF Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants no actual information to get in the way of HRC's sure rise to her throne. 

Interestingly, hours ago DWS and DNC added a "Forum" to the debate schedule. Now that Hillary is slipping in the polls, maybe having as few debates as humanly possible isn't such a good idea after all. It will be moderated by CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo, who's brother, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said, "I wholeheartedly endorse Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President." We'll be watching... and feeling the burn for Bernie! 

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann

Jan 18, 2016

Iowa lot to Hillary! Bernie is now neck and neck with Hillary in the polls! That means she's gone on the offensive and her husband Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea are helping her attack Sanders on guns and especially on healthcare. Thanks, Hillary! Her attacks have been a fundraising bonanza for Bernie. Also, Hillary's political evolution means she's against Obama's raids of immigrant families -- but not of deportations. And Hillary is not so hard on guns as she wants us to believe. Guess which current president and wannabe president invest with firms with substantial stock in gun manufacturers? 

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann


Jan 11, 2016

Bernie's blistering address to Wall Street made very clear that on Day One of a Sanders administration there would be real penalties for those who decide to play fast and loose with billions of dollars in taxpayer money. Also this week, Dr. K. describes how Obama and Hillary Clinton back child deportations that, in the words of one individual "we would expect from Donald Trump." Hear how Bernie makes 'em Feel The Bern! ALSO: It's Now or Never! Learn more about how you can be involved in the important push to move the Bernie Ball toward the goal line! 

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann 

Jan 4, 2016

The definition of plutocracy: government by the wealthy

Today's podcast features an interview with Victor Tiffany of Revolt Against Plutocracy. Revolt Against Plutocracy has a unique way of using the write-in vote as a tool for furthering Bernie's revolution to get money out of politics. Learn the details and find out how you can participate. 

Revolt Against Plutocracy:

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann

Dec 28, 2015

One of main themes of the What Would Bernie Sanders Do podcast is that we all need to do our part to let the world know about the best presidential candidate for many election cycles, Senator Bernie Sanders. No one spends more time or works harder than the campaign volunteers around the country! We grabbed one for an interview this week. Roger Marsh, Volunteer Team Leader for the Illinois 7th District gives us the straight dope on the best way for YOU to get involved. ALSO, we couldn't let him leave without getting the latest from the campaign on how they think things are going! Listen in to hear from a hardworking guy who FEELS THE BERN closer to the flame than most!

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann


Dec 24, 2015

There were two debates! The slogan from the Republican debate might as well have been "Make America Hate Again!" But for two out of three of the Democrats, the slogan could have been "Make America SCARED Again!" You'll learn the shocking news that Bernie Sanders (and the WWBSD podcast) have the lonely echoing voices that actually state that America has greater and more pressing issues than the unlikely event of an ISIS terrorist popping up. Cogent analysis of the two debates by Dr. K., with the engaged encouragement of the Robin to his Batman, Darren Stephens. Listen and learn and FEEL THE BERN! 

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann

Dec 14, 2015

Well, yes, it's frustrating being the only candidate who is focused on real problems for real Americans in an age where all the media wants to do is talk about ISIS and the latest lies and idiocy from Donald Trump... But if you've been laying down a consistent message for 30 years, what are you going to do? You're going to continue being Bernie Sanders, that's what. Also this week, Bernie calls out Donald Trump. Rachel Maddow says Bernie's her guy. The Family and Medical Leave Act -- a HUGE help for families -- Bernie's for, but darn the luck -- it doesn't comport with Hillary's corporate overlords, so she was for it but she's now against it. Listen to the end for this week's Organizing Minute to see what you could do to move Bernie into the win column! 

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann

Dec 7, 2015

The TIME magazine Person of the Year polling is overwhelmingly being won by Bernie Sanders, which is unfortunate for Time-Warner, because they've been spoken for by dollars for Hillary Clinton. Well, TIME is learning what we all are -- that Bernie Sanders is the real deal and the best candidate in the race from either party. This week, Dr. K. and Darren discuss that TIME magazine poll. (Bernie WON after this was recorded!) In the wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernadino, we hear how Bernie is the one who calls out the politics of hate. Healthcare horrors: Dr. K. gives us an update, including the fact that because Hillary is supported by the pharmaceutical industry, she sounds like a Republican -- look for an inadequate voucher to help pay for healthcare! 

Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: Find out about phone banking for Bernie at Find us on Twitter @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann

Nov 30, 2015

Our first interview! On the show is Justin Renquist of the Superdelegates Task Force Army? What? Superdelegates? Who are they and why do I care? You care because Hillary has done so much backroom dealing that she has a VASTLY larger group of these special delegates who DO NOT HAVE TO VOTE by the will of the people! How to fight them? By letting them know we're watching and, as most of them are elected officials, we can vote them out of office! Justin tells us how to get involved. Dr. K. points out that even in the shadow of the Laquan MacDonald murder, although Martin O'Malley and Bernie were there, Hillary skipped the Black Lives Matter candidates forum. (Or is she in the GOP now? They all gave it a pass, except for Ben Carson.) Oh, and Hillary snubs, too. Dr. K.'s theory? With so many superdelegates spoken for, Hillary  feels she can coast to the nomination. It's time to get involved, and make Hillary FEEL THE BERN!

Nov 23, 2015

We start off this week's podcast with GOOD NEWS -- the American Postal Workers' Union has landed in the Sanders column -- a major endorsement! And Ohio state senator and minority whip Nina Turner SWITCHED from Clinton to Sanders! Still, with Clinton's deep ties to the military-industrial complex and with a huge numbers advantage in terms of superdelegates, there's much work to be done. Superdelegates? You mean those party insiders who can make YOUR vote meaningless? Yes, those guys! Dr. K. gives the details and tells how you can turn things around. When you learn how the Democratic process is being flouted -- and what you can do to make sure that doesn't happen, you will certainly FEEL THE BERN!

Nov 17, 2015

Gosh almighty! Wouldn't it be GREAT if our Bernie could get so much love from an audience?? He just has the darndest time getting appreciation from a crowd. Wotta shame. LOLOL... Dr. K. and Darren talk about the Democratic debate and what it sounded like for Debra Wasserman Schultz's hand-picked big-dollar donors to make their voices heard. Which is only fair -- they paid to get in, after all. (This is an INVITATION ONLY event.) Although it "sickened" Dr. K. to hear the stuff they were applauding for, as he acknowledged, this debate could be looked on as an excellent test debate for when Bernie is speaking across the stage to a REPUBLICAN -- because that's what Hillary sounded like. Hear this and other in-depth analysis and FEEL THE BERN with Darren and Dr. K.! 

Nov 9, 2015

Bernie Sanders is promoting not just a presidential candidacy, but as the true progressive in the race, he's also promoting a movement. Unfortunately, there are business-oriented "pragmatics" like the very well-organized group The Third Way who sound EXACTLY like Republicans! Dr. K. gives the details. Also in this podcast: Foreign Policy Part II, Bernie's Grounding Fossil Fuels and Going It Alone on "Joint" Legislation. FEEL THE BERN -- without adding to your carbon footprint!  

Nov 2, 2015

The First of Two Parts -- Foreign Policy: Hillary Strong, Bernie Weak? Follow the money to learn more about Hillary's brand of statesmanship. (Next week we'll learn about Bernie's foreign policy strengths.) Darren's jaw drops when he hears about shocking coincidences between the timing of donations to the Clinton Global Initiative and foreign regimes receiving zillions of dollars in U.S. weapons -- the numbers are distinctly different than when Bush was in office. Also this week: Those Nutty Republicans, Rachel Maddow shows how Bernie "evolved" on same sex marriage and an organizing call to action for Illinois and Iowa. You'll get HOT when you hear what's revealed here -- no better way to Feel The Bern!  

Oct 26, 2015

NEW THEME MUSIC! With the song "My Politics Ain't Like Yours," our brilliant friend Robin Bienemann has penned the perfect song for a candidate like no other! Learn more about Robin at his site, (especially the song 'Jennifer Anniston.') OKAY, CNN didn't delete the poll, they just pushed it so far down in social media that it disappeared. But they did edit the video! Millennials love Bernie -- and can you blame them? Unlike Hillary, Joe Biden doesn't call Republicans "the enemy." First tobacco, now climate change: learn why Bernie is Godzilla! This and more on the podcast that helps you FEEL THE BERN! 

Oct 19, 2015

Dr. K and Darren have questions! Who was the winner... the closet conservative or the authentic progressive? What is CNN hiding? Evader in chief or commander in chief? Plus: the sound of a planned and planted audience, corporate America ready for "presidential" and "confident" Hillary, and Trump goes after Bernie (with Anderson Cooper's help).


Oct 12, 2015

On this week's podcast, Joe Biden's deeply personal and private story of loss trumpeted throughout the land, but we don't know if he's running. If Bernie's against the TPP, Hillary will throw Barack under the bus to score points. Elizabeth Warren forgets that she and Bernie are the exact same kind of progressive. Hillary's pal assists with her NBC publicity tour. And Bernie says what REALLY matters about Edward Snowden's revelations. All this and more on the What Would Bernie Sanders Do podcast. Feel! The! Bern!   

Oct 5, 2015

This week: One million Bernie Sanders fans can't be wrong! Hillary had 60 fundraisers for wealth donors. Bernie had 10 fundraisers for people like us. Hillary raised 28 million.. and Bernie raised 26 million! ... The Democratic establishment does NOT want this candidate. "He's not one of us," they say. Darren and Dr. K. disagree with that assessment. "Honesty is such a lonely word." Yes, especially when you can be caught out EASILY when you're not being honest -- and you're running for president. The Democratic establishment wants NO ONE to talk about Hillary's shortcomings! Hmmm... if she's the eventual nominee, the Republicans won't bring any of that stuff up. So which Democrat running for president is the UNELECTABLE one?? The answer will NOT surprise you, when you hear it on this week's podcast. FTB, people!  

Sep 28, 2015

Hillary IS progressive? Well, PROGRESSIVELY more like Bernie Sanders every day! Just look at her widely touted pharmaceutical plan, that echoes point by point the one Bernie Sanders put out weeks earlier with minor differences. 

The shameful way the Democratic establishment is yelling that Bernie Sanders is unelectable. By one measure, 59% of the Democratic establishmen have decided that Hillary is the nominee. What?? Dr. K has a solution -- let 'em know that BERNIE is your candidate!

Pope Francis and Bernie Sanders -- The Moral Minority. Hey, has anybody noticed? These two Democratic Socialists are saying the exact same thing? Dr. K has noticed and gives us the close comparisons one by one.

Our podcast is the ONLY media outlet this week that doesn't mention Donald Trump. Until right there. :-P This week, Dr. K. is fired up!! Listen in and you'll  FEEL THE BERN!

Sep 21, 2015

Rallies, tallies, pundits and polls! We watch as Bernie's surge in recognition and popularity continues. The 18-Trillion-Dollar Man?? Um, what are we CURRENTLY paying for health care, and how does Bernie's plan compare? People on the other side talk about everything but how Bernie Sanders plans will SAVE us all money in comparison to the current sorry state of affairs. We discuss elections as spectator sport. Hillary's PAC attack on Bernie! Somebody's hearing loud footsteps behind them -- and in front of them! Dr. K. and Darren dive deep into all things Bernie Sanders. He's up and... it's good! Listen and learn and feel the Bern! 

Sep 14, 2015

A headline in The National Review stated, "Sanders & Trump: Two Populist Peas In A Pod? So, so wrong. Trump is so NOT a populist! Learn why in today's podcast. Learn why Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are just about the same exact person as Dr. K. plays a "guess the speaker" game with Darren. Bernie Sanders just offered legislation that could save us all billions. Have you heard of it? You will today. Bernie is going on the road with Dr. Cornell West -- their audiences in South Carolina will Feel The Bern -- and you will too after today's show!

Sep 7, 2015

This week Dr. Barry Kaufman was fired up due to two days in a row of omissions and bait-and-switch "journalism" from NPR radio! He starts the podcast by telling his personal experience of exactly what happens when you wear a Bernie shirt out in the world -- people notice and sign up to vounteer for Bernie! Darren and Dr. K discuss how frustrating it is to not hear Bernie's message even on NPR, and even more frustrating that NPR has made its mind up for the voters. There's a New York Times analysis that concludes  (wildly misleading) that Bernie and Hillary voted in synch 93% of the time during their two years in the senate--but does that mean they are really "very similar candidates" as progressive talk show host Tho Hartmann claims? Dr. K goes into detail about how untrue that is! How does a pacifist like Bernie Sanders think he can be Commander-In-Chief? You'll learn how. At the end of the podcast, Dr. K makes a pledge to the first 25 people who arenot able to afford a Bernie Sanders t-shirt that he'll send them one. It's that important! The world needs to see Bernie's name and hear Bernie's message. Wear your Bernie shirt and spread the word! 

Aug 31, 2015

Dr. K. returns from the wilds of South Dakota with tales of Bernie supporters wherever he went. A new segment on the WWBSD podcast: A Healthcare Encounter -- more reasons why Bernie's plan for healthcare is desperately needed. Joe Biden -- an aw shucks good guy who might enter the race? As Dr. K. points out -- not such a good guy. Darren's jaw DROPS when he hears about the truly DREADFUL source of some of Hillary's donations -- which ties very directly with another key topic, racial justice. The podcast finishes with more inspiring thoughts on spreading the word about Bernie Sanders. Listen, learn and FEEL THE BERN! 

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